About Us


Currently the fourth generation is actively involved in all day to day farming activities, along with Kenneth and Joan. Matt, the youngest son joined the farming operation full time in 2007, after college. Ken, the oldest son joined the farming operation full time in 2013, after many years as a landscaper. Ken’s wife, Ashley, their three children, Madison, Ryan, and Briggs along with Matt’s wife, Chelsey, and their son Easton can also be found helping out (or hanging out in the case of the little boys) during busy days at the farm.  As you may have noticed our family has grown since last season.  Ken and Ashley now have a new son, Briggs David Rudd.

Other family members and close friends also help out during the very busy season. Most days you can find Kenneth’s Dad, Pawpaw Phil helping people find the perfect strawberry picking spot, or helping customers get their many bags of fresh produce to their cars. Aunt Kathy works most Fridays and Saturdays wherever she is needed.