Important update 4/25/2020

Dear farm friends, 

We wanted to provide you all with an important update about our business. We started this season knowing there would be unprecedented challenges to face due to COVID-19, but still with high hopes for a successful 20th year of strawberries. We have undertaken extra efforts for the protection of our customers, our workers and our family, including the use of gloves and masks and implementing a drive-thru service that maintains social distancing recommendations.

Unfortunately, despite our preventative measures, one of our workers advised us of feeling sick and has tested positive for the coronavirus. After further testing, several more workers have tested positive. Out of an abundance of caution and out of concern for our workers and their families, we are closing our operation to the public at this time. We are devastated, but our top priorities are the safety of our workers, our family, and our customers.

We are working with public health officials and following their guidance in dealing with this unprecedented situation. We have been reassured by public health and agriculture officials that there is no food safety concern with any berries purchased because COVID-19 is not a food-borne illness.

The actor Will Rogers said, “A farmer has to be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” As we pick up the pieces left by this pandemic, we are hopeful in a greater plan and a light at the end of the tunnel that we cannot yet see. 

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support. We ask for your prayers for our workers and our family. Please stay safe, and we will update you when we can. 

Your family’s farmers,

Kenneth, Joan, Ken, and Matt Rudd