Ready for Strawberries!

We will begin selling pre-picked berries at our drive thru service at 12:00 on Monday 4/13. We have a great supply of berries for tomorrow afternoon. We will close at 6:00, unless we happen to sell out sooner. There will not be any limit on purchases tomorrow.


🚗when you arrive at the farm (4021 Hicone Road, Greensboro) please stay in your car and follow staff directions to order and pick up spots. 🚔please do not park anywhere on main road on the farm or leave your car⛑we strongly encourage all customers to follow CDC guidelines and wear protective masks when going to public places, such as farms.

🍓4-quart baskets are $14 , and quarts are $5 (same as last year). We accept cash and cards, except American Express.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate the challenges that a pandemic presents for small businesses and farm stands. Look forward to sharing our delicious berries with you for many more weeks.