Strawberry Drive-thru

WOW! You guys blew us away on Monday with your support of our opening day of strawberry season. We knew you all loved strawberries but we could not have predicted the crowd that came out. To that end, we are very sorry to anyone who waited and was not able to get berries.

🍓Thank you for your continued patience as we work to make our drive-thru system as efficient as possible. Our farm can hold roughly 100 cars in the drive-thru at one time. Despite moving 2-3 cars in and out every minute, traffic became so backed up today on the surrounding roads that a NC DOT official arrived and began a mandated control of traffic influx to the farm; this is when some cars were turned away while the drive-thru was at capacity.

🍓On our next open day, there will be a law enforcement officer directing traffic in front of the farm; NCDOT and law enforcement will not permit cars to impede the flow of traffic down Hicone Road. Therefore, if traffic becomes backed up again, cars may be asked to continue down the road, turn around and come back when the line has died down, etc.

🍓Despite starting Monday with an above-average supply, the tremendous volume of customers and demand for berries caused us to sell out quickly. On Wednesday, we will OPEN at 1:00.
There will be a limit of 2 baskets per vehicle.

🍓To help us maximize efficiency, we need to limit each vehicle to ONE credit card/cash transaction each (if you are buying for two families, please be prepared to pay in one transaction).

THANK YOU all again for your incredible support of our family business! This is still early strawberry season and we anticipate having strawberries through at least the end of May!