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Important update 4/25/2020

Dear farm friends, 

We wanted to provide you all with an important update about our business. We started this season knowing there would be unprecedented challenges to face due to COVID-19, but still with high hopes for a successful 20th year of strawberries. We have undertaken extra efforts for the protection of our customers, our workers and our family, including the use of gloves and masks and implementing a drive-thru service that maintains social distancing recommendations.

Unfortunately, despite our preventative measures, one of our workers advised us of feeling sick and has tested positive for the coronavirus. After further testing, several more workers have tested positive. Out of an abundance of caution and out of concern for our workers and their families, we are closing our operation to the public at this time. We are devastated, but our top priorities are the safety of our workers, our family, and our customers.

We are working with public health officials and following their guidance in dealing with this unprecedented situation. We have been reassured by public health and agriculture officials that there is no food safety concern with any berries purchased because COVID-19 is not a food-borne illness.

The actor Will Rogers said, “A farmer has to be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” As we pick up the pieces left by this pandemic, we are hopeful in a greater plan and a light at the end of the tunnel that we cannot yet see. 

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support. We ask for your prayers for our workers and our family. Please stay safe, and we will update you when we can. 

Your family’s farmers,

Kenneth, Joan, Ken, and Matt Rudd

Strawberry Drive-thru

WOW! You guys blew us away on Monday with your support of our opening day of strawberry season. We knew you all loved strawberries but we could not have predicted the crowd that came out. To that end, we are very sorry to anyone who waited and was not able to get berries.

🍓Thank you for your continued patience as we work to make our drive-thru system as efficient as possible. Our farm can hold roughly 100 cars in the drive-thru at one time. Despite moving 2-3 cars in and out every minute, traffic became so backed up today on the surrounding roads that a NC DOT official arrived and began a mandated control of traffic influx to the farm; this is when some cars were turned away while the drive-thru was at capacity.

🍓On our next open day, there will be a law enforcement officer directing traffic in front of the farm; NCDOT and law enforcement will not permit cars to impede the flow of traffic down Hicone Road. Therefore, if traffic becomes backed up again, cars may be asked to continue down the road, turn around and come back when the line has died down, etc.

🍓Despite starting Monday with an above-average supply, the tremendous volume of customers and demand for berries caused us to sell out quickly. On Wednesday, we will OPEN at 1:00.
There will be a limit of 2 baskets per vehicle.

🍓To help us maximize efficiency, we need to limit each vehicle to ONE credit card/cash transaction each (if you are buying for two families, please be prepared to pay in one transaction).

THANK YOU all again for your incredible support of our family business! This is still early strawberry season and we anticipate having strawberries through at least the end of May!

Ready for Strawberries!

We will begin selling pre-picked berries at our drive thru service at 12:00 on Monday 4/13. We have a great supply of berries for tomorrow afternoon. We will close at 6:00, unless we happen to sell out sooner. There will not be any limit on purchases tomorrow.


🚗when you arrive at the farm (4021 Hicone Road, Greensboro) please stay in your car and follow staff directions to order and pick up spots. 🚔please do not park anywhere on main road on the farm or leave your car⛑we strongly encourage all customers to follow CDC guidelines and wear protective masks when going to public places, such as farms.

🍓4-quart baskets are $14 , and quarts are $5 (same as last year). We accept cash and cards, except American Express.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate the challenges that a pandemic presents for small businesses and farm stands. Look forward to sharing our delicious berries with you for many more weeks.

Berries 2020


BERRIES COMING SOON! 🍓Please read important news below in anticipation of our opening next week.

Our 20th season will look very different than our previous 19 seasons of growing and selling strawberries:

We will be opening on Monday (4/13) OR Tuesday (4/14) of next week — exact day and time is dependent on how much the crop ripens over the weekend during the cooler weather. Announcement to follow when we know for sure. 

We will be DRIVE-THRU only for now. No pre orders. When you arrive at the farm (4021 Hicone Rd, Greensboro), please stay in your car and watch for the the farm staff directing you where to drive. As you enter, keep to the right because customers will be exiting the farm on your left.

Please do not park anywhere on the road, on the farm, or leave your car – for everyone’s health and safety, we will be happy to assist you at the drive-thru! There will be no walk-up service and no customer picking of berries at this time.

💲Baskets are $14 and quarts are $5 (same as last year). We accept cards (except for American Express) and cash.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we navigate the unprecedented challenges that a pandemic presents for small businesses and farm stands. Above all, THANK YOU for your support and we can’t wait to share these delicious berries with all of you!😊

Fresh News

March 2020,

Welcome to our new website. We hope to have strawberries for sale at the farm sometime in early April. We will update our website as soon as we know the exact opening date!